Basketball Rules


Basketball is a game that is played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court whose objective is to shoot the ball through a hoop that is 46 centimeters in diameter hoisted upon a 3.048-meter backboard at each end. It is one of the world’s most viewed and supported games. Just like any sport, the game has strict rules that players are required to adhere to. Basketball rules are rules that govern the officiating, the play, the […]

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Basketball Dribbling


These are many ways to dribble while you are standing in one spot or while you are walking or running down the court. Left or Right Side Using your fingertips, not your palm, push down on the basketball. You do not need to use a ton of force when doing this. Keep your knees bent; you don’t want to be stiff when dribbling the ball. Continue to use your fingertips as you send the ball from your hand to the […]

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Types of basketball shots


Basketball is one of the oldest games, as it can be traced back to as early as in the late 19th century, namely, in 1891 when Dr.James Naismith, from Canada first invented the sport. Since then, the game has surely grown and expanded into something a bit different and includes many new techniques. It is now one of the most beloved indoor games of all time.   Out of the many techniques in basketball, the most fundamental and probably the most […]

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Scoring in basketball


Aim! Shoot! Score! Scoring in basketball can be done in quite a few ways. Today, we’ll chat/read/write about the specific methods and ways that you can score in the wonderful game of basketball. Let’s start! The 2-pointer. The most common way of scoring in the game of basketball is through shooting inside of the 3-point line, which results in you gaining two points. There are many, many ways you can score too. A jump shot is when you jump in […]

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Getting ready for 2015 basketball playing time yo


So we’re really close to very nice weather this 2015, so you already know what time it is! Time for some basketball. Aww man, i love playing basketball. Feeling that leather on my finger tips just does something to me. Only thing that feels better is when i’m at home doing web design for local small businesses. Website design and playing basketball, those are my two main passions. Really nothing else. Sometimes I eat food, but i’d rather not. So […]

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2015 Summer basketball is almost here!


It’s almost that time of year again! Mesh shorts, shirts vs. skins, and inevitable groans whenever they finally shut off the court’s lights late at night – lame right? Running up and down the courts looking for steals, passes, and open lanes is a great way to get my mind off of the work day and back into fitness. It’s also a great place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Nothing beats summer basketball! On those […]

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